Casa de la Cultura

A House of Culture Vision

The vision of a “Casa de la Cultura” has been in the minds of the founding members and many others in the community for quite some time. The decision to make it a reality is the result of facilitated sessions of board, staff and interested community stakeholders of the Institute. This concept is to create a collective awareness of the principles of a society such as: morality, spirituality, ethics and through the study of arts and humanities. All of these principles are intended to develop curiosity, sensitivity, creativity and imagination.

Audiences served by the Institute need events and programs that, in addition to educating and informing, also serve to fill a void which is now awash with nostalgia for the cultures left behind in their countries of origin. In addition, instill pride in their origins and offer a means to integrate positively and productively into the American society.

The basic plan includes finding a piece of land to build an adequate structure for the purpose of housing/providing, but not limited to, the following:

  • library
  • communal area for social gatherings
  • media-center adaptable for lectures, recitals, movies
  • café, including a kitchen for culinary classes
  • an exhibition space –temporary and permanent
  • office spaces
  • classroom spaces (including dance classes)
  • a museum shop with books and magazines in English and Spanish, folk art, etc.,
  • others (storage, public and private bathrooms, etc.)


The growth of the Spanish-speaking population in Dallas/North Texas and the increasing interest from the overall community in Mexico, make the concept of a House of Culture a timely one. Houses of Culture are very common and popular throughout Europe and Latin America.

The current clientele of The Mexico Institute includes:

Spanish speaking populations – of different socio-economic levels, different countries of origin and cultures. There is a need for continuing education as well as events and activities.

The audience for the House of Culture will include diverse populations with the intent of blending education and create a global inter-cultural exchange.

The plan is to raise at least half the funds from Mexican foundations and corporations. A library and media room, furniture, equipment, architectural design and construction services have already been offered as In-kind gifts from sources in both Mexico and Dallas.